LABRIDE : Emily Babb

When I approached Emily a year ago, I was terrified. She'd be the first collab (if she said yes) for Modest Modern Mama, and I wanted it to be perfect. Of course, and as usual, I bit off more than I could chew, and I pinterested (is that even a word?!) cute packaging ideas and ordered pretty little logo stickers from Shutterfly, all hoping to impress her.

Long story short, I sent Emily a precious dress that was one of our first pieces we carried in the shop, and she loved it! You can check out her post about it here!


Her store name says it all, at least everything I’m personally trying to achieve... modest and yet still modern... and with the mama in mind. Granted you don’t have to be a mama to want to wear modest cute clothing, that is very reasonably priced by the way.
— @LABride

Emily's kind words gave me the confidence to reach out to many bloggers, and the guts to continue on with chasing a dream. When you're first starting anything, taking on chance on being rejected is a freaky leap of faith, so I'm grateful for the fellow mama who took a chance on my business.

Most importantly, Emily's willingness to work with me in the beginning stages encouraged me to work with not only well established internet personalities, but also those hoping for the same chance I was. (You could call her my foot in the door.) Since then, I've worked alongside multiple bloggers on larger collabs, as well as been featured in giveaways with other well-known brands. 

All of this to say, encourage one another in pursuing you goals and trying something new, even when it's scary of difficult. Support those around you, especially local businesses and entrepreneurs, because most everything that changed the world started as the idea of someone just crazy enough to pursue it.

Follow sweet friend and fellow blogger, Emily Babb at @LABride and Louisiana Bride Blog.